What Is Past Is Prologue: The Reprise Of Outsourcing Q2 2019

Published on: 05/08/2019

The well-managed, nonopportunistic use of outsourcing to support drug development and, in particular, the development and manufacturing functions, allows sponsor-innovators to take advantage of specialist expertise, resulting in higher compliance and productivity levels, shorter turnaround and set-up times, access to difficult-to-find expertise, shorter completion dates, and lower overall costs.

In past reports, we have highlighted the accelerating rationalization of the bio-/pharma outsourcing sector. This phenomenon is evidenced by the increasing presence of outsourcing firms in multiple functions along the drug development path, from early-stage research consulting support through multiple modalities of preclinical development (in silico, multiple animal models, etc.), to functions in the clinic (trial design, patient recruitment, clinical supplies development and manufacture, trial site hosting and management, data capture and analysis), and on to reporting and regulatory consulting, commercial manufacture, packaging, sales/marketing, and distribution.

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