liquidation & litigation

CRS Capstone Partners Provides LLV Creditor Trust with Liquidating Trust & Litigation Support

September 2015

Industry:  Real Estate; Development

Challenge:  A luxury  resort and residence just outside of Las Vegas filed for Chapter 11amidst an immense drop in property values during the Great Recession.  As part of the Plan of Reorganization, a Creditors Trust was created to pursue certain large litigation against the owners and operators  of the Trust to recoup losses.

Solution:  Certain CRS professional/s manage the day to day operations and finances of the Trust and initiated over a hundred claim objections totaling more than $50M.

Results:  Through years of negotiation and litigation, the Creditor Trust has settled the major insider action as well as the largest class of unsecured claims and, consequently, returned a material dividend to creditors.



Lead Professional

Brian Davies

Head of Financial Advisory Services