turnaround management

CRS Capstone Partners Provides a Confidential Solar Company with Turnaround Management

October 2014

Industry:  Solar Energy

Challenge:  An increasingly foreign customer base and, consequently, the loss of certain asset-backed lending led the Company to experience severe cash constraints amid the need to fund its own working capital. Without a significant cash infusion, the Company was unable to meet its short-term, necessary obligations, thus risking immediate liquidation.  

Solution:  Restructure the Company’s cost base and explore certain divestitures in order to sustain the Company while larger strategic alternatives were pursued.

Results:  A successful series of asset sales and a restructured expense base enabled the Company to seek and (pending imminent close) secure long-term funding which will enable the company to fund certain large-scale projects it was previously unable to due to the lack of adequate capital.



Industry Experience


Lead Professional

Brian Davies

Head of Financial Advisory Services