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Rick Jaye

  • Senior Vice President
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Rick is a Senior Vice President with Capstone's ESOP Advisory Group. With over 30 years of experience in the financial services industry, Rick has provided high level strategic business entity planning, business transition planning, tax mitigation consulting, risk management and benefit consulting services to institutional partners, banks, brokerage, CPA and laws firms. He is a well-known national speaker and instructor on topics of advanced tax, wealth, business entity planning, risk management strategies and retirement. 


University of California - BS - Economics

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ESOP Association

National Center of Employee Ownership (NCEO)

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Employee Stock Option Plans (ESOPs) provide an opportunity for business owners or shareholders to successfully plan an immediate or gradual tax-advantaged exit strategy, while also engineering the continued success of the business.  In our latest report, ESOPs - Your Questions Answered, we provide you with detailed information on situations to consider an ESOP, as well as answers to common questions.Read more