SPP Capstone Market Update

Published on: 09/20/2016

SPP Capstone’s Middle Market Leverage Cash Flow Market At A Glance – As has been the theme recently, August deal count is still down significantly from those levels seen in 2015—in fact, August LTM deal count is off 44% in 2016 from the comparable 2015 period. While there was a slight uptick in deal count from July to August this year, the number was still nowhere near the spike we saw in May. Deal exits were relatively flat month to month but have actually increased in 2016 on a LTM basis from 2015. On a positive note, deal numbers seem to have previously bottomed out earlier in the year, and though we still do not have a consistent upward trend, based on the aforementioned investor appetite for deals on tap for Q4 perhaps we will finally see deal volume numbers pick up meaningfully.