Industry Reports

Published on: 09/12/2014
The security solutions industry is enjoying an active M&A market within both the electronic security and personnel security segments. Electronic security is composed of systems that monitor physical environments and includes CCTV and fire alarm surveillance systems. This segment includes companies that install, monitor and maintain surveillance systems. Outsourced personnel security involves the use of persons to guard or protect a particular physical environment, and provide related services.
Published on: 09/12/2014
M&A activity in the cable network equipment industry has increased substantially since the recessionary period of 2008-2009. Since then, activity has risen more than 30%, and the number of transactions have remained elevated since 2012. Activity has continued to be robust in 2014; Capstone’s research indicates that 45 transactions were closed through the end of August.
Published on: 09/09/2014
M&A activity in the pharmaceutical outsourcing industry has been strong in 2014, as buyers continue to seek strategic, tuck in acquisitions that can offer any of a number of advantages. These include expanded capabilities that can assist the acquirer in building a full‐service offering, niche research and production technologies and capabilities, expert talent, new geographic markets in this increasingly global market, and access to new blue‐chip customers.
Published on: 09/05/2014
Mergers and acquisitions in the maintenance, repair and overhaul (MRO) industry are accelerating as the economy continues to improve. Last year, market trends showed sellers remained reluctant to enter into M&A agreements, largely due to a tepid economy and budget and spending constraints in the government market.
Published on: 08/22/2014
The biometrics and identification space has experienced an active mergers & acquisitions market in recent years, a trend that held true in 2013 and continues in 2014 as the industry continues to mature.
Published on: 08/18/2014
The mergers & acquisition environment for the staffing & talent management industry has been very strong thus far in 2014, as an improving employment situation and a favorable operating environment for staffing companies continues to draw buyer interest. Capstone’s research indicates that 83 staffing & talent management transactions were reported through mid‐July, suggesting M&A activity in the sector in 2014 is on‐track to substantially out‐perform the activity of recent years.
Published on: 08/14/2014
Mergers and acquisitions in the juvenile products industry are continuing at an elevated level, fueled by improved economic conditions and increased consumer spending. M&A activity was very strong in 2013, during which 36 transactions were closed in the industry. Activity in the sector has remained robust in 2014, with 21 transactions reported year-to-date.
Published on: 07/30/2014
Mid‐way through 2014, M&A activity in the Environmental, Health & Safety industry has continued to accelerate. With 69 transactions completed through June, the industry is on track to break last year’s record figure and it continues to outperform the M&A market in general.
Published on: 07/23/2014
Merger and acquisition activity in the pet & animal care industry remains strong in 2014, with 23 transactions involving U.S. targets reported through the end of June. This figure indicates the pet & animal care industry is on‐track to outperform last year’s activity, a result of strong M&A market dynamics as well as continued interest by both strategic buyers and private equity firms. We expect these market drivers to persist for the remainder of the year and into 2015, resulting in healthy conditions for M&A activity in the industry.
Published on: 07/18/2014
M&A activity in the recreational products industry continues to be extraordinarily robust. The heightened level of activity has continued in 2014 with 47 transactions recorded through June. At this pace, the industry is on target to substantially outperform its record in 2013 ‐ a year in which 63 transactions were recorded.