Industry Reports

Published on: 05/26/2020
Enterprise SaaS & Cloud last twelve month merger and acquisition (M&A) activity hit a record 2,156 deals totaling over $180 billion. M&A volume of 657 deals in Q1 2020 was driven by strong January and February deal volume while March activity was only slightly hampered by COVID-19 impact. 
Published on: 05/22/2020
COVID-19 has promoted an increasingly remote and distributed workforce, introducing heightened informational technology vulnerabilities for cyber criminals and nation-state actors.  
Published on: 05/12/2020
Outdoor retailers that have closed stores continue to struggle while consumers shelter in place, presenting critical e-commerce opportunities.  While public markets have experienced significant volatility, tactical & outdoor providers have fared better than general recreational products companies as of May 5th, with EBITDA multiples at 8.8x compared to 7.1x, respectively.
Published on: 05/07/2020
 A year ago, we noted a brisk uptick in M&A activity in the Government IT sector through the first quarter of 2019 and wondered aloud how long the market would hold up.  With the fiscal picture coming into focus as the months progressed, particularly as it related to defense spending, the pace not only sustained, it accelerated.  When the dust settled at the close of 2019, 78 M&A transactions were completed in the space, representing an astounding 24% increase on 2018’s previous record year, and the most active year in more than a decade. 
Published on: 04/30/2020
There were 165 transactions in Q1, with 50 deals in the payments-related space with the following break-down: payment processing (34%), online payments (16%), mobile (10%), gateway/point of sale (14%), and niche/industry-specific (26%) in areas such as healthcare, legal, trading, cross border, among others.
Published on: 04/29/2020
We present our 2020 Mergers & Acquisitions Update: Outlook and Year in Review. This combines: discussion of the current environment and dramatic fall out from the COVID-19 pandemic; together with observations from those sectors less impacted; and a review of last year including Merger & Acquisition activity.
Published on: 04/23/2020
Waste & recycling companies continue to operate during the lockdown as essential businesses, retaining their operational capacity for traditional and medical waste collection services. While many recycling programs are halted and commercial waste volumes have declined, operators that serve Residential and Medical Waste markets are poised to weather the storm without any significant disruptions to cash flows.
Published on: 04/23/2020
The novel coronavirus pandemic as well as downward pressures on oil prices have rippled through the global economy.  While the effect on demand is yet to be entirely realized, the pervasive impacts have disrupted chemicals supply chains, altered production capacities, and reduced raw material input costs.
Published on: 04/15/2020
The impacts of COVID-19 have yet to be fully realized in the Aggregates industry, although signs of disruption have manifested in construction project delays, temporary plant closures, and potential workforce restrictions.
Published on: 04/08/2020
Capstone Headwaters has released its Q1 2020 Mapping, Modeling & Simulation (MM&S) Executive Summary, detailing merger and acquisition activity in the industry.  The coronavirus pandemic has pushed the world to increasingly rely on technology to stay connected and informed while mitigating the spread of the highly-contagious disease.