Industry Reports

Published on: 03/13/2019
The latest issue of our Enterprise SaaS & Cloud Industry Report, highlighting trends in M&A, financing, IPOs and capital markets for private and public companies in the SaaS & Cloud sector, is now available.  Highlights from this report include: Record M&A activity in 2018 with 1,867 deals totaling nearly $200 billion, IPO activity was also quite strong with seven deals in Q4 2018.
Published on: 02/08/2019
Today, software is ubiquitous. In a connected world driven by the growing digital economy, software is present in all aspects of our lives and businesses. By the year 2025, there will be 34.2 billion active device connections, up from 13.9 billion in 2015, according to IoT Analytics.
Published on: 01/25/2019
Policy changes towards patient-centered healthcare, including the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care and the 2019 transparency law requiring hospitals to list standard prices online, have encouraged a revamp of healthcare solutions and organizational needs. The trend towards consumerization has bolstered increased focus on Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) solutions which are simplified, personalized, and interconnected for tracking and transparency.
Published on: 12/19/2018
Healthcare Information Technology companies have experienced robust demand as buyers seek inorganic growth opportunities to comply with regulatory requirements, adapt to changing reimbursement policies, and deliver cost-effective and efficient patient care. Year-to-date (YTD), total disclosed deal value for HCIT mergers and acquisitions (M&A) reached $18.9 billion, equating to a 81.7% increase over total 2017 disclosed deal value ($10.4 billion).
Published on: 10/11/2018
Year-to-date 2018 continues to show strong merger and acquisition and financing markets across the Financial Technology (FinTech) sectors. A total of 88 M&A transactions completed in Q3 2018 puts the FinTech industry on pace for its strongest M&A year on record. There has been a total of $32.0 billion invested in FinTech companies globally across more than 1,000 deals in YTD 2018. This exceeds the total amount invested in all of 2017.
Published on: 07/11/2018
2018 continues to show a strong merger and acquisition (M&A) and financing market across the Financial Technology (FinTech) spectrum.  A total of 93 M&A transactions completed in Q2 2018 is the second highest recorded in the past 10 quarters.  Year-to-date (YTD), there has been a total of $17.0 billion invested in FinTech companies globally across 700 deals.  
Published on: 06/18/2018
Buyers continue to target Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) companies as they seek to modernize and adapt to the evolving landscape of the US healthcare system.  One key regulatory change that is impacting the Healthcare industry and sparking HCIT merger and acquisition (M&A) activity is the shift from the current volume-based (fee for service) payment model to a value-based payment model.  
Published on: 06/04/2018
M&A activity in the application development and deployment space continues to be strong with 18 transactions completed thus far in 2018.  Enterprises are increasingly focused on accelerating their application development lifecycles, adopting DevOps methodologies, proactively addressing application security and leveraging cloud deployment models.  Capstone Headwaters recently announced their fourth closed transaction in the space over the past 24 months with the sale of Programming Research Ltd. (PRQA) to Perforce Software.
Published on: 05/25/2018
Traditionally, fixed phone line services, Internet connectivity, mobile telecommunications, and TV services (terrestrial, cable, and satellite) have been delivered as discrete services by different companies.  Over the last 10 to 15 years, service providers and network operators have chased revenue growth, while at the same time struggling with the never-ending battle against subscriber churn.    
Published on: 04/24/2018
Through Q1 2018, merger and acquisition (M&A) volume and investment activity, both early stage and later stage, has been off to an impressive start across the FinTech spectrum.  Notable Q1 transactions included Silverlake Partners’ $500.0 million investment in Credit Karma, valuing the company at $4.1 billion; CME’s $5.4 billion bid for UK’s NEX trading & risk management platform; and RBS’ announced acquisition of FreeAgent (an accounting software provider for freelancers) for $75.0 million.  Additionally, the largest of all IPO’s year-to-date