Post-Secondary Education

Published on: 06/03/2014

Educators, investors and government officials alike have recently pushed for career focused education that is effective, flexible, short‐term and affordable in order to create a larger pool of skilled workers without crushing them with student debt. Large for‐profit and non‐profit colleges, community colleges and public high schools have struggled to provide a solution due to the difficulty of transforming their current business models, a lack of public funding, poor education performance metrics, etc. New organizations such as 2U, Khan Academy, Straighterline, Udacity, Udemy, Lynda, Chegg, Pluralsight, and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) such as Coursera and edX, have also emerged to try to address this pressing issue. However, many of these organizations are start‐ups with unproven profit and scalability models and little to no brand awareness among consumers. The responsibility lies with the for‐profit post‐secondary education (PSE) industry to address this glaring lack of credentialed and educated populace.

Key Contacts

Sophea Chau

Managing Director

Jacob Voorhees

Head of M&A