Capstone Partners Advises Zui on its Sale to Saban Brands

September 27, 2012

San Diego, CA - Capstone Partners LLC, a leading national investment banking firm, announced today that it advised on its sale to Saban Brands LLC.  The acquisition of Zui, which provides access to the largest collection of curated, kid-friendly online content, strengthens Saban Brands’ position as a leading digital innovator for kids’ entertainment, and continues to grow the company’s digital capabilities. The addition of Zui will add 12 employees to the organization as well as a new physical presence in San Diego, where Zui is headquartered.

Zui’s flagship site,, allows children to access a large library of videos and online games. also features a safe, social media experience for kids where they can develop a personal profile page with their own avatar, “like,” “vote” and “favorite” content, access games and add friends with no open messaging. Zui also operates KidZui, a downloadable browser providing access to a kid-safe Internet experience and more than six million websites, online videos, pictures and games.

This acquisition continues Saban Brands’ growth in the digital arena. In addition to the company’s launch of, the company announced last month its acquisition of The Playforge, a leading mobile games developer and publisher. 

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