News From The Middle

Published on: 02/17/2015

In our last newsletter, we noted that M&A data had finally caught up with the market swell based on the deal volume we were experiencing. We also predicted that activity levels we were seeing in Q4 would trump 2013 and expected the year to finish at near-record levels. That proved true to form and, while the 2012 record was not broken, activity pushed the ceiling. More importantly, perhaps, is the fact that we are seeing an acceleration in the market with improved dynamics. As a result, we are optimistically predicting that 2015 will be the full tail-wind market that breaks through the 2012 barrier. After all, records were meant to be broken and this is as healthy a market as we have seen. Some of the market dynamics we see developing (not that Capstone is statistically relevant, but please humor us) include: