Military and Commercial Simulation and Training - 2018 Year in Review

Published on: 05/14/2019

Future demand for simulation and training (S&T) activities is likely to mirror the macro developments that are driving the overall growth of the Aerospace & Defense industry. Namely, the pivot to a world of great military power competition raises the ante for simulation and training activities to keep pace with the increases in spending on advanced equipment such as fighter jets, bombers, helicopters, and drones. While pilot and maintenance training are obvious needs, new training requirements also relate to other complex integrated activities such as connectivity between air and ground combat assets, including close air support, dynamic targeting, and defensive counter-air operations. In addition, the civilian side of this market is poised to continue benefiting from increases in market demand for commercial aviation services, particularly business aviation, and the corresponding increase in demand for the trained professionals needed to support the growth of this segment of the Aviation market.

Key Contacts

Lisa Tolliver

Senior Director

Theodore Polk

Managing Director