Middle Market Leveraged Finance - Pre-Exit Dividend Recapitalizations Q4 2019

Published on: 12/03/2019

Pre-Dividend RecapitalizationsWhen preparing for a period of credit contraction, in many cases, we counsel our clients to execute a pre-exit dividend recapitalization prior to a sell-side market launch. We believe that such a recapitalization event:

• de-risks the investment for selling shareholders
• minimizes required rollover
• eliminates deal financing risk
• assures access to aggressive debt and underpins valuations
• serves as a dry-run for existing Management to hone their presentation skills for the higher-stakes sell-side environment

We invite you to download our Middle Market Leveraged Finance Report on Pre-Exit Dividend Recapitalizations and how you can squeeze additional equity proceeds out of your next portfolio-company sale process.

Key Contacts

Kent Brown

Head of Debt Advisory Group

Brad Harrop

Vice President

Adam Morris

Vice President

Brian Schofield

Managing Director