Maintenance, Repair & Operations - Coverage Report Q1 2019

Published on: 03/01/2019

January 2019 marked the 29th consecutive month of manufacturing growth, according to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). ISM’s Purchasing Managers Index, a monthly survey that indicates the economic health of the Manufacturing sector, registered 56.6%, an increase of 2.3% compared to December’s report. Drivers of growth were new manufacturing orders and expanded production which increased 6.9 and 6.4 percentage points, respectively. The increased production capacity is predominantly attributed to streamlined operations resulting from automation, smart technology, and data analytics applications. Continued expansionary forces that drive production in the Manufacturing sector will produce parallel growth in the Maintenance, Repair, & Operations industry.

Key Contacts

David Bench

Managing Director

Tracy Patch

Christopher Cardinale

Christopher Cardinale

Vice President