HVACR Industry Report

Published on: 01/23/2017

The latest issue of our HVACR Industry Report, highlighting trends in M&A, financing, IPOs and capital markets for private and public companies in the HVACR sector, is now available. 

Highlights from this report include:

  • Global consolidation in the HVACR sector has been rapid since 2013, with 338 M&A deals announced. 
  • With 48 deals announced in the US since 2013, market consolidation is nearly double of announced deals in China - the US is in play. 
  • Since 2010, the top 20 major publicly traded players have completed 91 acquisitions and realigned legacy sales channels – squeezing smaller OEMs ability to compete.
  • New product releases focused mainly on green energy and adoption of more efficient, longer-life products than most of the installed legacy HVACR equipment, which requires firms to increase commitment to significant R&D expenses with no guarantee an industry consolidator won't derail a multi-year R&D initiative.

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