Biopharmaceuticals and Cell/Gene Therapy Outsourcing Q4 2018

Published on: 12/06/2018

The cell and gene therapy community gathered recently in La Jolla at the annual “Meeting on the Mesa” of the Alliance for Regenerative Medicine to review the state of the industry. The mood was ebullient as attendees celebrated the emergence of the industry from “R&D/developmental puberty” into commercial adulthood. The clear consensus was that cell/gene therapy, benefiting from substantial R&D and development efforts over the last two decades, has come of age in its ability to provide trans-formative new treatments for patients. At the same time, the generational change wrought by these treatments, compared to traditional standard-of-care medicines, will require significant adjustments in the behavior of all industry participants, including developers, outsourcing providers, caregivers, and payers.

Key Contacts