Audio & Acoustics M&A Update 2020

Published on: 05/26/2020

The management of sound is becoming increasingly important in our daily lives to communicate and tap our senses, while also protecting us as the environments we live and work in get ever louder and less comfortable.  While not immune from the coronavirus-related shutdown and resulting economic slowdown, the underlying needs of the industry will remain when individuals return to work. In our Spring 2020 Audio & Acoustics M&A Update, our industry experts share exclusive research and analysis including:

  • Sound & Communication
  • Sound Mitigation & Protection
  • M&A Activity Pre-COVID-19
  • COVID-19 Pause
  • Sound Market  
  • Financial Characteristics
  • Future Trends
  • Firm Track Record
  • Leadership Through COVID-19

Please reach out to Managing Director Ian Cookson to learn more. Ian served as lead advisor on transactions in the Audio & Acoustics space including Lencore Acoustics, Cambridge Sound Management, Westone, and Cumming Microwave

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