Application Development & Deployment - Coverage Report October 2020

Published on: 10/15/2020

Capstone Headwaters has a released a new report on the Application Development (AppDev) & Deployment industry, available for free download below.  The pandemic has catalyzed demand for AppDev and deployment software and services in order to meet the surge of online consumers, students, and employees in the remote environment. In the workplace, the pandemic has heightened the need for enterprise-wide digital transformations for improved connectivity and transparency. While recessionary dynamics such as downsizing and hiring freezes have impacted aspects of AppDev & Deployment businesses, the at-home workforce alongside heightened demand for digital sophistication in industries such as Healthcare and Education, has proved an overall boon for the industry.

The report includes:

  • Industry Outlook
  • Segment Highlight
  • M&A Overview
  • Notable Transactions
  • Buyer Universe 
  • Select Transactions
  • IPO Activity
  • COVID-19 Impacts
  • Public Company Data    

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