Interconnect Components - Coverage Report Q2 2018

Published on: 05/15/2018

Fueled by bullish economic conditions, growing demand across a diverse spectrum of end-markets, and the proliferation of data and IoT driven applications, the Interconnect Components industry has experienced consistent growth throughout the past few years. According to IBISWorld, the US Electronic Part & Equipment Wholesaling industry grew by 2.0% to $354.3 billion in 2017 as the production and spending on consumer electronics continued to expand. Improvements to wireless network have spurred the rapid introduction of new mobile devices, increasing demand from manufacturers. As highly technical products, such as high-speed data infrastructure products, become more widespread, industry operators will provide an increasing amount of value-added services.

Key Contacts

John Ferrara

Founder & CEO

Todd McMahon

Head of Investment Banking

Peter Asiaf

Managing Director