2019 Aerospace, Defense, Government & Security (ADGS) Mergers & Acquisitions Update

Published on: 04/18/2019

Last year the aerospace, defense, government and security sectors saw steady Merger & Acquisition (M&A) activity, with a focus on transactions in technology, the aftermarket, and combinations which create leaders in specific defense segments. 

Our 2019 ADGS Mergers & Acquisitions Update provides a wealth of sector M&A transaction data and also discusses:

  • The outlook for M&A activity
  • M&A turning ‘from bits to bytes’ and the aftermarket
  • Private equity buyers and founder sellers
  • Serial acquirers and large transactions
  • Valuation trends in private and public markets
  • Commercial aerospace structural growth and threats
  • Defense budget returns to ‘great power’ wars
  • Pursuit of scalable firms within government IT services
  • Continued maturity in US regional aviation
  • Cybersecurity escalation and consolidation
  • Innovations in simulation and training

Key Contacts

David Brinkley

Managing Director

Ian Cookson

Managing Director

Tom McConnell

Managing Director

Hilary Morrison

Vice President

Tess Oxenstierna

Managing Director