Industry Reports

Published on: 03/20/2019
Logistics services providers are a vital component of the Transportation and Logistics (T&L) industry as shippers seek ways to swiftly navigate the increasingly complex supply chain. In 2018, third-party logistics providers (3PLs) accounted for an estimated 81% of domestic transportation, 69% of warehousing, 50% of freight forwarding and 40% of customs brokerage, according to the 2019 23rd annual Third-Party Logistics Study headed by Dr. John Langley of Pennsylvania State University. 
Published on: 03/13/2019
The latest issue of our Enterprise SaaS & Cloud Industry Report, highlighting trends in M&A, financing, IPOs and capital markets for private and public companies in the SaaS & Cloud sector, is now available.  Highlights from this report include: Record M&A activity in 2018 with 1,867 deals totaling nearly $200 billion, IPO activity was also quite strong with seven deals in Q4 2018.
Published on: 03/11/2019
The robust US economy, an 18-year high in the consumer confidence index, and the growing preference towards shopping online over physical retail locations have created favorable tailwinds for the growth of the Location-Based Logistics sector in 2018. The broader Transportation and Logistics (T&L) marketplace remains highly fragmented, and companies are competing to gain a greater share of activity by offering an all-inclusive suite of services, expanding their geographic presence, introducing innovative technology capabilities.
Published on: 03/11/2019
The Behavioral Healthcare Services industry experienced a banner year of merger and acquisition (M&A) activity in 2018. The number of transactions increased 59% year-over-year to reach a historic industry high of 97 announced or closed transactions. In addition to volume, two of the largest disclosed deals on record occurred. In a go-private bid, Centerbridge Partners agreed to acquire all outstanding shares of mental and behavioral disabilities services provider Civitas Solutions, Inc.(NYSE:CIVI) for $17.75 per share in cash.
Published on: 03/06/2019
Amid the growing economy and the tight labor market, the Healthcare Staffing industry has flourished. Healthcare added an impressive 346,000 jobs to the US economy in 2018, a 21.8% increase from the 284,000 gained in 2017, according to the US Bureau of Labor Statistics. The US is projected to see a shortage of up to 120,000 physicians by the year 2030, according to the Association of American Medical Colleges.
Published on: 03/01/2019
January 2019 marked the 29th consecutive month of manufacturing growth, according to the Institute of Supply Management (ISM). ISM’s Purchasing Managers Index, a monthly survey that indicates the economic health of the Manufacturing sector, registered 56.6%, an increase of 2.3% compared to December’s report. Drivers of growth were new manufacturing orders and expanded production which increased 6.9 and 6.4 percentage points, respectively. 
Published on: 02/27/2019
In our latest coverage report for the Pet & Animal Care Industry, we explain how humanization within the industry has been a leading catalyst for growth in the market. Consumers have shifted preferences toward premium priced products and expensive veterinary care which have resulted in an estimated $72.1 billion in US Pet industry spending in 2018, according to the most recent American Pet Products Association (APPA) figures.1 Pet food composes the majority of US spending, accounting for an estimated $29.9 billion (41.5%).
Published on: 02/25/2019
Market usage of Energy Management Services has grown steadily over the past five years. Growth within this industrial industry segment is attributed to its success in helping companies reduce one of their largest costs; energy. Advancing methods of data analytics and utilities management consulting have delivered a monumental benefit for businesses operating in deregulated environments. EMS not only helps companies monitor energy consumption but also aids organizations in making data-driven decisions and enhances enterprise-level operations and financial decisions.
Published on: 02/25/2019
Merger and acquisition activity in the Pharmaceutical Outsourcing industry remained strong in 2018, with 63 announced or closed transactions compared to 57 in 2017. Factors driving activity include robust drug pipelines, increasing complexity of trials and drug manufacturing, and more stringent regulatory scrutiny. Despite an active M&A market over the past several years, the sector remains highly fragmented. It’s no secret that Big Pharma would prefer to partner with fewer outsourced providers.
Published on: 02/25/2019
Activity in the Education Technology industry was robust in 2018 with 126 announced or closed mergers and acquisitions compared to 74 in 2017. Notably, Cambium Learning was taken private as of December after it was acquired by Veritas Capital for $752 million. Leading public player Microsoft also made headlines, with the 2018 acquisitions of Flipgrid (June, terms not disclosed), Chalkup (February, undisclosed) and the acquisition of BrightBytes’ Data Management Platform in February 2019.