Industry Reports

Published on: 11/17/2016
The Military Communications industry continues to experience energetic M&A activity as the federal government seeks innovative communication solutions for its global network of warfighters. Through the end of October 2016, 16 transactions were announced or closed in this space, compared to 22 transactions over that same period in 2015.
Published on: 11/07/2016
The US confronts a wide array of threats at its borders, ranging from terrorists who may have weapons of mass destruction, to transnational criminals smuggling drugs or counterfeit goods, to unauthorized migrants intending to live and work in the US.  Sensitivity to terrorist threats has made it imperative to know who is crossing borders and living in our country.  As a result, the Border Security market has grown substantially, augmenting M&A activity.
Published on: 10/27/2016
The MM&S industry has seen substantial growth thus far in 2016, driving record levels of M&A activity. Increased safety, decreased costs, time efficiency and customized training environments are all benefits that MM&S technology provides and have driven increased demand for MM&S products and services.
Published on: 10/24/2016
The first half of 2016 saw a slight softening in M&A activity overall, and the aerospace & defense sector was no exception. Component Manufacturing activity slowed as expected, while Defense IT & Technology has rebounded on the back of increased government spending and the sizable, transformative deals of 2015.
Published on: 08/25/2016
Public safety solutions are in growing demand as security threats such as terrorism, mass shootings and cyber attacks occur more frequently. At the same time, a new frontier for reducing risk both online and in-person promises long-term growth for the industry. Biometric security and authentication, the Internet of Things (IoT), emergency and disaster management, cybersecurity and smart technology are expected to be key areas of growth.
Published on: 04/27/2016
Merger and acquisition activity has remained healthy in Military Communications thus far in 2016. Six transactions were announced in Q1 2016, the same number announced in Q1 2015. This indicates that 2016 will be another strong year for M&A activity in this segment of the market.
Published on: 04/18/2016
Merger and acquisition activity in the Mapping, Modeling & Simulation (MM&S) industry saw record levels in 2015 with 53 announced transactions for the year, a 32.5% increase in volume over 2014. Strong growth in the industry is consistent with the previous three years, as deal volume grew by an average of 36.2% from 2012 to 2015.
Published on: 11/09/2015
The merger and acquisition cycle in the Mapping, Modeling & Simulation (MM&S) industry has entered a “boom” phase, making this quarter a very attractive seller’s market. Through Q4 2015, deal volume is on pace to exceed record levels seen in 2014 and deal valuations remain at a premium. This heightened activity within the industry is due to a variety of factors including the spread of MM&S systems into commercial markets, the development of new applications, expanding technological capabilities and decreasing costs.
Published on: 10/20/2015
Merger and acquisition activity in the military communications industry significantly improved through 2014 and into 2015 after an uninspiring level of activity in 2013. M&A activity among small industry players were a significant component driving the increase in deal volume as organizations continue to consolidate their supply chain operations in an effort to reduce costs and increase operational efficiencies.
Published on: 07/31/2015
The mapping, modeling & simulation industry continues to experience a robust level of mergers & acquisitions as buyers are attracted to the growth and opportunities of the space. Investors are drawn to the fact that mapping, modeling and simulation (MM&S) has become a necessary tool to solve a range of serious and complex problems facing the world.