Industry Reports

Published on: 10/11/2019
The dollar value for mergers and acquisitions (M&A) in the FinTech & Payments industries has already hit a record high in 2019, driven by numerous mega-deals.
Published on: 09/09/2019
With Human Capital Management SaaS multiples near historic highs and a very competitive deal environment, it is a great time to be a seller although it remains to be seen how long the window will remain open. 
Published on: 08/05/2019
The Q3 Application Development & Deployment Software Executive Summary is available for download below.  The integration of technology into every aspect of business and society has ensured long-term demand for Application Development (AppDev) & Deployment Software and has made the industry an attractive opportunity for both strategic and financially-driven mergers and acquisitions (M&A). 
Published on: 06/13/2019
The latest issue of our Enterprise SaaS & Cloud Industry Report, highlighting trends in M&A, financing, IPOs and capital markets for private and public companies in the SaaS & Cloud sector, is now available. Highlights from this report include: Record merger & acquisitions (M&A) activity with 1,917 deals totaling over $200 billion during the last twelve months, IPO activity slowed in Q1 with just two deals compared to seven in Q4 2018, Private M&A targets were valued at a median revenue multiple of 4.6x LTM, above historic norms but slightly below the 5.0x we saw for 2018  
Published on: 05/23/2019
Technology continues to be incorporated into every aspect of healthcare including maintaining and accessing electronic health records (EHR), streamlining payment systems, creating efficiencies in clinical scheduling and communication, and improving patient engagement and monitoring. As more software is being utilized in healthcare, interoperability between systems remains a key focus for industry operators.
Published on: 04/16/2019
In the age of industrial automation, robotics, and big data analytics, communication between machines and the associated transmission of data have become an integral component of the manufacturing process and have driven demand for advanced interconnect components. As new technologies develop and further shape the manufacturing landscape, interconnect components products have to follow suit, advancing alongside the systems and technologies they serve.
Published on: 03/13/2019
The latest issue of our Enterprise SaaS & Cloud Industry Report, highlighting trends in M&A, financing, IPOs and capital markets for private and public companies in the SaaS & Cloud sector, is now available.  Highlights from this report include: Record M&A activity in 2018 with 1,867 deals totaling nearly $200 billion, IPO activity was also quite strong with seven deals in Q4 2018.
Published on: 02/08/2019
Today, software is ubiquitous. In a connected world driven by the growing digital economy, software is present in all aspects of our lives and businesses. By the year 2025, there will be 34.2 billion active device connections, up from 13.9 billion in 2015, according to IoT Analytics.
Published on: 01/25/2019
Policy changes towards patient-centered healthcare, including the transition from fee-for-service to value-based care and the 2019 transparency law requiring hospitals to list standard prices online, have encouraged a revamp of healthcare solutions and organizational needs. The trend towards consumerization has bolstered increased focus on Healthcare Information Technology (HCIT) solutions which are simplified, personalized, and interconnected for tracking and transparency.
Published on: 12/19/2018
Healthcare Information Technology companies have experienced robust demand as buyers seek inorganic growth opportunities to comply with regulatory requirements, adapt to changing reimbursement policies, and deliver cost-effective and efficient patient care. Year-to-date (YTD), total disclosed deal value for HCIT mergers and acquisitions (M&A) reached $18.9 billion, equating to a 81.7% increase over total 2017 disclosed deal value ($10.4 billion).